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Borisov Arena
Borisov Arena
Borisov Railway Station

Borisov (officially transliterated as Barysaŭ) is one of the oldest cities of Belarus, situated near the Berezina River in the Minsk Region. It is first mentioned in 1102 by the Polotsk prince Boris Vseslavovich.

In 1812, Borisov became a crucial location when Napoleon's troops crossed the Berezina river. The French feinted a crossing at the town itself, but successfully escaped the pursuing armies by building two wooden bridges north of the city, at Studianka. This event is reenacted by military locals during town festivals. A cannon from the Napoleonic era is kept by the town's museum.

Because of small size, Borisov have not very much places to see during trip. There remained some sights of historical value, such as "Batarei" — a 1812 Patriotic War memorial, imposing Voskresenskiy Cathedral (1874), which embellishes the town, the railway station building (the beginning of XX century) bearing elements in modernist style, market place (1908)

Borisov have strong sporting potential. Football team BATE Borisov are based in the city. They have won the Belarusian Premier League eight times, and competed in the UEFA Cup and UEFA Champions League. Also, Borisov Arena, an UEFA Category 4 Stadium is located there which is home stadium of FC BATE Borisov and the Belarus national football team. 

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