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A small town with a big history – Kamenets – is a popular tourist destination.

Kamenets was founded in 1276 by order of Volyn Prince Vladimir Vasilkovich. There was built a wooden fortress in the center of which is located a stone tower. This tower for centuries become the symbol of town. The town was repeatedly attacked by the crusaders that ravaged wooden town, but have failed to capture the stone tower. 

The Kamenets Tower is certainly a landmark of the town and one of the most recognizable monuments of Belarus. The tower, located on a hill near the Forest (Lesnaya) River, has a simple form, but produces a magnificent impression. For a long time the tower had fulfilled its main function – protect the citizens from enemy attacks, but later it was used as a storehouse and armory. Today the ancient building is open to all visitors – here is the museum. Wonderful views of area are opened from the observation deck of the tower, which several centuries ago was guarded by armed soldiers.

When visiting the town, you should pay attention to the St. Simeon Church in Kamenets and the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Kamenets.

Heading from the tower to St. Simeon Church, the tourist will encounter a monument to the founder of Kamenets Prince Vladimir Vasilkovich.

A large number of Jews lived in town just half a century ago who left many interesting buildings. Among them stands out the building of the school "Beit-Midrash" and the synagogue "Der-Meyer", retaining the characteristic elements of exterior decoration.

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