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Mir, Belarus
Mir, Belarus
Mir, Belarus
Mir, Belarus

Mir - settlement in Korelichsky area with the population of 2.5 thousand people.


Mir is located on the river Miryanka and represents the perspective centre of development of tourism of the international value. In written sources for the first time it is mentioned in 1395.

The main attraction of Mir - Mir Castle. The beginning of building of the Mir castle (it was constructed about 1510) is connected with the name of prince J.Ilinich. In 1655 Mir suffered from a long siege of the Swedish armies; in 1705 the castle was subjected to a repeated attack and burnt. Since 1795 this place was as a part of the Russian empire. In 1812 there was nearby a fight of Cossacks of Platov with Napoleonic armies. Since 1828 the place carries over Vitgenstein, and then Svjatopolk-Mirsky. During the period since 1921 Mir belongs to Poland, and since 1939 - joins structure of BSSR.

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