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Nesvizh, Belarus
Nesvizh, Belarus
Nesvizh, Belarus
Nesvizh, Belarus

Modern historians are of the opinion that the town of Nesvizh started its life in 1446. About a hundred years later we can see Nesvizh in the hands of the Radzivil family, the major and influential barons in the Great Lithuanian Duchy. Nesvizh was in the possession of the Radzivils who turned it into the capital city of the family for more than four centuries and it won fame as one of the most prosperous and well-organised towns among the private-owned towns of Belarus.

At the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, Nesvizh was radically reconstructed by its owner at that time Prince Mikalai Kryshtof Radzivil, among people called "the Orphan" or "Sirotka". Under the rule of Mikalai the Orphan, who was a prominent statesman, military man, reformer and patron of art end literature, the town was completely replanned - the eralier chaotic net of medevial streets was rearranged to form a clear-cut block plan of the town that survived until today.

In the year 1856 Nesvizh was granted the Magdeburg Right of self-government. The town rapidly developed. Its population increased at a brisk pace, and numerous trade guilds appeared. In the 18th century the first artistic casting shop was opened and a various manufactories were founded. Unique monuments of architecture and landscape architecture, canvases and engravings, as well as printed books and sheet music were created there. The first stationary theater in Belarus, the Comedy House, was also performing there. At an early stage the theater was amateur snd then turned into a proffesional court theater.

At present Nesvizh is one of the most brisk tourist centers in Belarus. There are many well-preserved monuments of history.

Map of Nesvizh

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