Church of the Annunciation

Krakow, Poland

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33-332 ul. Loretanska 11
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Phone Number
+48 12 4224803
The Capuchins, all the coffee lovers favourite of the religious order (the cappuccino was named after the color of their dresses with cap), run this modest church is outside the Planty greenbelt. Reminiscent of the Capuchin churches back under the sun of Tuscany in terms of design and style, while the church is short on the decorative arts, it is rich in history. Founded by the flagship Wojciech Demblinski (whose sarcophagus, with epitaph, and the portrait of all can be found inside), shortly after the Capuchins first arrived in Krakow in 1695, the first mass was conducted here in 1700. Around the square, several military epitaphs, commemorative plaques, and other mementos of the Polish pro-independence uprisings, making the church a bit of a patriotic pilgrimage site. The most notable of which are a cannonball from the time of the Bar Confederation (1768-1772, an uprising that led to the Partition of Poland), stuck in a pillar to the left of the church, on the main altar, several confederates are buried in a collective tomb in front of the church. In 1794 Tadeusz Kosciuszko and Jozef Wybicki , gathered here for a mass and had their swords blessed before declaring the Kosciuszko Uprising against the Russian rule over Krakow, market square, a plaque on the wall outside commemorates the sword blessing.

Adjacent to the church is a "Loreto House" - a small chapel dedicated to the cult of the Virgin Mary. Designed by Kacper Bazanka the chapel is modeled after Santa Casa de Lorette, which is supposed to be the Virgin Mary's original stone of the house of Nazareth, which, according to the Catholic dogma has been picked up and transported by the angels of the Holy Land to Italy in the 13th century, to protect it against the Muslims. Or maybe the Italians just build a place of worship to Mary of Loreto in the 13th century, just as the Poles did to this site in the 18th century. It is your brain, you decide.

Note that from 24 December until 2 February of each year, the church of the Capuchins is putting in place one of the city's most popular and elaborate nativity scenes - worth checking out.


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