Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Krakow, Poland

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33-332 ul. Karmelicka 19
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Phone Number
+48 12 6326752
According to legend, the first iteration of this great church just one block from the Planty was founded in the 11th century by Wladyslaw I Herman, Duke of Poland, who was miraculously cured of a nasty case of the herpes cold sores at that location. As the story goes, the Virgin Mary came to the disease beaten by royal in a dream, instructing him to go to the town swamp to the outskirts, and find a dry place where the violets bloom on the sand, quite easy, apparently, as he did as told, and then rubbed the flowers on her face, until - presto! - the sores and the boils disappeared. This joyous occasion secured a new place of worship, which has otherwise been known throughout history and to this day, the Church on the Sand' (Kosciol Na Piasku).
Ask the archaeologists, however, as well as the history of the scientists, and they will tell you there is no evidence of a church here until the initiative of Ladislas Jagiello and Jadwiga of Poland, back in 1395. But even this indisputable fact is not immune from embellishment, as indicated by the clearly marked, cordoned-off, and "100% authentic" print of Queen Jadwiga, which adorns the facade of the church just above the ground on the corner in front of the ul. Garbarska. This indentation is the natural result of another miracle, a curious case of the Queen's foot dents all plaster as she has given a gold buckle of his shoe on a poor stone-cutter (and, no, she weighs 300 pounds, good guess though). Only two years later, the church was handed over to the Order of Carmel, invited to Prague by the kings, which gives the name to the street on which it is located - street Karmelicka. Destroyed during the deluge the swedes and rebuilt in the Baroque style in the second half of the 17th century, the church now bears remarkable resemblance to Rome, the Church of the Gesu, from which it was plagiarised shamelessly.

Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Polish: Kosciol Nawiedzenia Najswietszej Maryi Panny) is a historic Roman Catholic church in Krakow, Poland; located at ul. Karmelicka 19 street in the Old Town. It is the city's first Carmelite Church, hence the name of the street on which it stands.


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