Kowea Itim le-Tora Prayer House

Krakow, Poland

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33-332 ul. Jozefa 42
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
If you think that Krakow has a lot of churches, two doors down from the Top of the Synagogue, on the way to the Old Synagogue, you will find this Orthodox prayer of the house. Most of what we know of the building is based off of his still just visible to the Hebrew inscription, which said something along the lines of "take Time for Torah of the Company", and indicates that the Talmud's lessons have been conducted here. The two Stars of David on each side of the inscription tell us that the organization was founded in 1810, and that the building has been renovated in 1912. The original mezuzah trace can be seen on the entrance door here, and many of the buildings in the neighborhood if you keep an eye on. Devastated during the war, today the building is strictly residential.


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