Remuh Synagogue and Cemetery

Krakow, Poland

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31-053 ul. Szeroka 40
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Phone Number
+48 12 4295735
Dating back to 1553, it is in Krakow, the smallest but most active synagogue, with Shabbat services once more, which takes place here every Friday in the wake of the recent completion of the restoration work. The synagogue was created by the famous family of 16th century, the Polish rabbi Moses Isserles - better known as "the Rema," based on a Hebrew acronym, and is unique for the proximity of the Old Jewish Cemetery next to it. In use until 1800, this saint's burial place fell into ruins during the Nazi occupation with only about a dozen tombstones survivor of the second world WAR in their original state, among them that of Rabbi Moses Isserles, of which many have interpreted as the evidence of his miraculous power. After the war, the cemetery was "tidy" with many intact headstones in the course of redevelopment in straight rows, and fragments of those which could not be restored that is used to create a "wailing wall' along Szeroka street. Today, the cemetery and the synagogue - which modestly decorated interior features a reconstructed bimah and restored ceiling of the grounds are an important place of pilgrimage for Jews the stakes of all corners of the world.


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