St. Benedict's Church

Krakow, Poland

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30-149 Lasota Hill
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Take any of the black, intimidating trails off ul. Rekawka in the wooded limestone cliffs of Krzemionki to discover one of Krakow is the oldest, the smallest and most mysterious churches in the clearing next to the Fort Benedict. The date of the present structure was difficult to determine, but the curious site certainly dates back to the 11th century and one of the leaders of the theory attributes to the Benedictine monks of Tyniec, which was probably built in response to the pagan practices still on Lasota Hill and the area around the Krakus Mound. Saved from destruction, and abandonment by a local priest, the tiny, cramped interior - consisting of a small nave and chancel with a painting of St. Benedict over the pulpit is now open to visitors in the summer for limited hours.


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