St. Giles' Church

Krakow, Poland

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33-332 ul. Grodzka 67
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
This small church situated at the end of the ul. Grodzka, just in front of the Wawel Hill, may not be as exciting as some of Krakow's other places of worship, but it is worth mentioning for at least one reason: the English-language mass every Sunday at 10:30. And Saint-Gilles is quite historical as well its first iteration was built in the 14th century, although local legend pushes this date even to the 11th century, when Duke Wladyslaw I Herman has been to rejoice in the birth of her only child, a boy, later known as the Duke Boleslaw III Wrymouth. Originally Benedictine, the church now belongs to the Dominican Order, as well as the more impressive of the Holy Trinity Basilica.


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