St. Joseph's Church

Krakow, Poland

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33-332 ul. Zamojskiego 2
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Phone Number
+48 12 6561756
Who presides over the heart of the historic district of Podgorze on the south side of the neighborhood from the main square, this unmissable neo-gothic juggernaut was built between 1905-09 on the design of Jan Sas-Zubrzycki. Dominated by a of 80 metres, the clock tower, the elaborate masonry of the dressing, gargoyles and carvings of saints, Saint Joseph, thin, imposing brick facade, rates among the most beautiful of Krakow and is beautifully lit at night. Standing in front of the rocky outcrops of Krzemionki, the area surrounding the church has been transformed into a small park landscaped and has several benches and a seating area, an outdoor play area for young children, and the 1832 belfry - all that remains of the original temple, dismantled due to design flaws.

St. Joseph's Church (Polish: Kosciol sw. Jozefa) - is a historic Roman Catholic church in Podgorze district of Krakow, Poland, at Podgorski Square on the northern slopes of the Krzemionki foothills in the south-central part of the city.


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