Temple (Tempel) Synagogue

Krakow, Poland

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Temple Synagogue
Temple Synagogue
Temple Synagogue
Temple Synagogue
Temple Synagogue
33-332 ul. Miodowa 24
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Phone Number
+48 12 4305411
Recommended duration
2 hours
The Tempel Synagogue is located just in the middle of Krakow’s Kazimierz. This is one of the most exotic and ornate of all the synagogues – active or otherwise – in Krakow. This neo-Romanesque synagogue was designed by Ignacy Hercock and built nearly in 1862. The interiors are very ornately designed and speak volumes of the affluence of the people who came there to worship.
Enter the Tempel Synagogue and get transported to a world of prayer and quietude decorated by ornate work on the walls and ceiling. Enjoy the beauty of the neo-Renaissance façade when you visit the synagogue.
Take a close look at the gilded woodwork done in the Moorish style. There is also a gilded wooden gallery and a marble ark that is dome-shaped. Check out the beautiful stained glass windows; above them is an elaborately decorated ceiling. The synagogue also has a mikveh for men on its premises.
Examine the interiors, known for their rich vein of color and also with a lot of gold leaf on them. View the wonderful Aron Kodesh and also the bimah that stands right in the center of the synagogue’s main hall. View the superb paintings in polychrome that are present all across the building, from the main hall walls to the ceiling right into the women’s prayer hall.
The synagogue, despite being the smallest of the synagogues in Krakow, is completely active and holds prayer sessions and also celebrates the traditional Jewish customs.
Concerts are also held here from time to time. 

The Tempel Synagogue (Polish: Synagoga Tempel) is a synagogue in Krakow, Poland, in the Kazimierz district.
Tempel Synagogue is not only a major place of worship, but also a booming center of Jewish culture, which hosts numerous concerts and meetings, especially during the Festival.


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