Eagle Pharmacy / Apteka pod Orlem

Krakow, Poland

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Eagle Pharmacy
Eagle Pharmacy / Apteka pod Orlem
33-332 Pl. Bohaterow Getta 18
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Phone Number
+48 12 6565625
Recommended duration
1 hour
Apteka Pod Orlem or Pharmacy under the Eagle is a museum in Krakow that was earlier a pharmacy during the time of the Nazi occupation of Poland. When the Nazis occupied Krakow and sealed the Krakow Ghetto in March 1941, this pharmacy on Pl. Bohaterów Getta and its Polish owner Tadeusz Pankiewicz found themselves at the heart of it. Deciding to stay, Pankiewicz and his staff were the only Poles allowed to live and work in the ghetto

He set up a team of female personnel and they worked with permits received from the Nazis that allowed them to move into and out of the ghetto whenever they needed to. He and his staff played a crucial role in putting up an effort to ensure the Jews in the Ghetto survived.

Tadeusz Pankiewicz was honored in 1983 with the recognition of Righteous among the Nations by Yad Vashem. Visit Apteka Pod Orlem to learn about a true hero of Poland and learn about this amazing museum.

You are transported back in time the moment you enter the museum thanks to the hi-tech electronic 3D displays there. There is the sound of the jackboots of the Nazis as they march in the Ghetto and footage of Pankiewicz himself doing his work.
Experience the museum in a unique way; this is only one of very few museums where you are given the leverage to actually open up the drawers and check the exhibits. Open the cupboards and read the documents present within to get a firsthand idea of life during the Nazi times in the Ghetto.

Information is displayed inside the chests and cupboards of the pharmacy, and visitors are encouraged to handle dozens of replica artifacts and reproduced photographs, heightening the reality of the events described and the creation of a very intimate visiting experience. Although consisting of only 5 rooms, set aside at least an hour to visit this magnificent museum.


The Eagle Pharmacy Museum is located on the southwest edge of the Bohaterow Getta Square, under number 18 (formerly Maly Rynek, then Plac Zgody) in Krakow, Poland.
Since 1910, its proprietor was Jozef Pankiewicz and after him Tadeusz Pankiewicz (21 November 1908 – 5 November 1993), his son who ran it since 1933. Before World War II, it was one of the four pharmacies in Podgorze district. Its clients were both Polish and Jewish residents of the district. A frequent customer was, e.g., "Bikkur Cholim" charity.On March 1941, the Germans established a ghetto in Podgorze for Krakow's Jews, Pankiewicz's pharmacy was the only one within its borders and its proprietor was the only Pole with rights to stay in it.The Jews that lived in the ghetto chose the pharmacy as the place for conspiratorial meetings. Among them were: writer Mordechai Gebirtig, painter Abraham Neumann, Dr Julian Aleksandrowicz, neurologist Dr Bernhard Bornstein, Dr Leon Steinberg and pharmacists: Emanuel Herman, Roman Imergluck.
Soon it also became a source of various resources and medicaments, which helped in avoiding deportation: hair dyes used for rejuvenating the appearance, luminal (fenobarbital) used to calm children while hidden, smuggled in luggage beyond ghetto.During the bloody displacement at the Plac Zgody in 1942, Pharmacy personnel issued free medicines and dressings while its recesses areas were used as shelters for saving Jews from deportation to extermination camps.Pankiewicz and his assistants Irena Drozdzikowska, Aurelia Danek and Helena Krywaniuk were liaisons between Jews in the ghetto and beyond it, passing the information and smuggling food. They also were depositaries of valuables entrusted to them by deported Jews in the last moments before leaving the ghetto.


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