Bednarski Park

Krakow, Poland

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Entrances from ul. Parkowa and ul. Zamojskiego
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Opened with great fanfare at the end of the 19th century, the park's founder Wojciech Bednarski would have been carried around as a winning quarterback for his achievement, while newspapers from as far away as St. Petersburg applauded the park of the establishment. Rightly so, as it has endured and become without doubt the most beautiful natural park of the space, thanks to its unique geographic pole, at the top of the town, its picturesque limestone cliffs, mysterious, wild expanses, and the multitude of large trees, of which there are over a hundred species. Officially Bednarski Park occupies 9.2 hectares, but the green field above the center of Podgrze basically covers the whole area between the Rynek Podgorski in the east and the Mateczny Roundabout to the west. Between them, you'll find endless areas to explore - most of them wild and woody, fairly well-maintained - including the area of a former quarry, the remains of an 18th century fort, abandoned buildings, a crumbling sports arena, the tv tower and a playground for children. A large staircase (one to many) leads you into the park and Plac Niepodleglosci, or the entrance of the ul. Parkowa behind the Church of St-Joseph, between them, you will find the games area and more paved, developed part of the park, while the area to the west is largely non-paved trails through the hills. In the turns open and inviting, dark and hazy, this captivating natural landscape provides the local residents endless opportunities for exploration, and even a few beautiful views of the city below.


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