Embankment of Mukhavets river

Embankment of Mukhavets river

Brest, Belarus

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Embankment of Mukhavets river
Embankment of Mukhavets river
Embankment of Mukhavets river
F. Skorina embankment
Brest Region
Recommended duration
2 hours

The traditional place for walks of Brest dwellers the embankment Mukhavets. This green area in the city center attracts everybody: for moms with strollers there are comfortable tracks, for children - sandbox and a lot of space for running around and games, for young people - romantic corners in the shade of weeping willows, where you can be alone and enjoy the fast-flowing and flowering water lilies.

In summer, the pleasure boat "Grodno" runs the river, which probably rode every resident of Brest for once. Pleasure flights are carried out daily from 12.00 to 22.00 (in the presence of at least 25 adult passengers).

Also, promenade - the habitat of many birds. So, going for a walk, do not forget to take a loaf of bread: doves, swans, ducks and gulls will tell you "thanks"!

Another interesting place on the embankment - a fountain, which is different from the rest of other Brest fountains: no fences, the water "flower" opens in the central part of the composition.


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