Zakrzowek Lake

Zakrzowek Lake

Krakow, Poland

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Zakrzowek Lake
Zakrzowek Lake
Zakrzowek Lake
Zakrzowek Lake
Zakrzowek Lake

Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Strangely, but this reservoir located not far from city centre has been created, when the limestone quarry operating here accidentally punctured the water table.

Although officially prohibited , and frequent accidents occur quite often, the irresistible blue, bottomless water is extremely popular with locals for swimming and cliff diving in the summer.

If you want to get in on the action, there is a diving school. The depth varies from 7 to 21m (23-69ft) and the background is cluttered with all sorts of things that should not be there: vehicles and sunken boats, as well as the former worker's  
dressing rooms.
The area of limestone cliffs and woods are an additional attraction - a privileged place for summer barbecues, ideal for hiking and a favorite for rock-climbers, whose anchors you may notice sticking out of the side of a cliff.

The area is also connected with the legendary alchemist and ocсultist of Krakow, Pan Twardowski, who supposedly had his workshop in one of the caves.

Nearby, the intrepid adventurers may also discover access to the large, abandoned and very scary Austrian bunkers carved into the cliffs (although most have been closed in recent years). A great place to go and explore (at your own risk!), enjoy it while you can because the city has intentions to develop it into a public recreational area in the near future.

The closest transit stops are "Kapelanka" and "Norymberska", take the tram 18 or bus 194 to get there.


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