Krakow, Poland



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Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland
Krakow, Poland

Krakow — the former capital of Poland and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. In the Old Town, located in ring of parks Planty, preserved a few hundred of most valuable architectural monuments.

In 1978 Krakow was included in the list of cities protected by UNESCO. No wonder: there is a famous Wawel Royal Castle — residence of Polish Kings (X - XVI centuries). This castle became the sample of the diversity of European architectural traditions, a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic with Renaissance styles.

Districts of Krakow

Krakow consists of 18 districts, historic part of the city is in the first, called Old Town (Stare Miasto). There are castle and Wawel hill, the Christian and Jewish quarters, New Town (Nowe Miasto), Nowy Świat, Kleparz, Okół, Piasek, Stradom and Warshaw (Warszawskie) quarters.

When visiting Krakow, tourists walk through its streets and alleys, including areas such as:

  • Nowa Huta — a Stalin-era skyscrapers, the beloved architecture of constructivism, got to Krakow from time of communism
  • Zwierzyniec — the greenest part of the city, which is to the west of downtown. Here is a forest (Las Wolski) and Kopiec Kościuszki
  • Debniki — green area in the South-West of Krakow, which includes the Tyniec monastery
  • Bronowice — North of the city
  • Podgórze is an area where Jewish ghetto was established during the Nazi occupation

The Sights Of Krakow

To see Krakow completely, its enough to climb on any overview platform. For example — Kosciuszko mound. From it you can see the castle tower in Tyniec, and Pilsudski's mound, and all of the Old Town and Nowa Huta. If you want you can go hiking to the Wolski Forest and visit Zoo and then to the monastery of Camaldolese.

Wolski Forest is a real forest in the city. It is so big that it is better to walk with map — it is likely to get lost. Natural attraction of the forest — "Panenske Rocks", on one of them stands a statue of the Mother of God.

Camaldolese Church and Monastery are interesting because women are allowed only to Church and only 20 days per year. All other days - are for men.

All Krakow roads lead to the Market — the main square of the city and Europe's largest market square surrounded by stone houses and palaces. In the centre is the former trade arcade, at the South-Eastern corner of the square — St. Wojciech Church, which now houses a permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Museum.

On the Market Square also stands the Church of St. Barbara, the tower of Town Hall, which now housed by the branch of Historical Museum and a theater in the basement. Also there is a Gothic St. Mary's Church, known for its altar of Veit Stoss altar made from linden tree, which is considered as the most valuable Gothic altar in Europe.

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