House of Excul-Hildenbandt

Kyiv, Ukraine

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House of Excul-Hildenbandt
House of Excul-Hildenbandt
House of Excul-Hildenbandt
House of Excul-Hildenbandt
House of Excul-Hildenbandt
House of Excul-Hildenbandt
Shovkovichna str., 19
Kyiv Region
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House of Excul-Hildenbandt is a monument of history and architecture. It is located next to another Kiev landmark — the "Chocolate house". This building was built in 1902 in neo-Gothic style, designed by the civil engineer Nikolai Vishnevsky. The house belonged to the family of the barons of Excul-Hildenbandt, ancient German family.

The house consisted of six large apartments, some of which were rented. There were stables and a coach-house in the courtyard.

In Soviet times the building was nationalized and transformed into a communal, and later in an apartment building.

There are private companies now.


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