Jan Karski Bench

Krakow, Poland

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31-053 ul. Szeroka 40
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Next to the Remuh Synagogue , you will see a space reserved for the memory and legacy of Jan Karski - a member of the Polish underground army, known to the history books as "the man who tried to stop the Holocaust." During the second World War, Karski smuggled himself into the Warsaw Ghetto and of Nazi concentration camps, with the firm intention of bearing witness and recording of the horror perpetrated against the Jews, in order to report it to the West. In 1942, he successfully escaped to the European continent to meet with the London-based Polish government-in-exile, as well as the leaders of the Allied countries, including the UK Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden and U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. One of the first to present credible evidence of the extermination of europe's Jews by the Third Reich, unfortunately Karski report largely fell on deaf ears. In 1944, he published a memoir of his mission, entitled in My Report to the World: The Story of a Secret State, which has been a best-seller in time of war. He has lived his life in the united states, teaching at Georgetown University for 40 years, and has received numerous distinctions, including the Order of the White Eagle (PL), the Silver Cross of the Virtuti Militari (POLAND), the Presidential Medal of Freedom (united states), and is recognized by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations.
The monument in Krakow has been installed in 2016, and takes the form of a bench, emulating a similar Karski benches of Łodz, Warsaw, Kielce and Tel-Aviv. To learn more about Jan Karski's story, read our feature here.


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