Lasota Hill

Krakow, Poland

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Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Located above the Old Podgorze, Lasota Hill refers to the section of Krzemionki is Bednarski Parkand the house of Podgorze's richest residences along the picturesque villa-lined lanes of ul. Parkowa, Plac Lasota and ul. Stawarza. But follow-ul. Stawarza to its end - or, alternatively, the company to the top of the slight apprehension wooded trails outside of the ul. Rekawka (our preferred route) - and you'll soon find yourself in a strange meadow in the middle of some of the city's most strange territory. Once a popular site for the pagan worship, the ancient and the tiny St. Benedict Church was built in the 11th century, more precisely to put a frowny face on such practices. One of the city's oldest churches, it is certainly the smallest, and after years of restorations, it is finally possible to get to the inside (Saturdays from July to September only, 11:00 - 13:00).
The other main point of interest here is Fort Benedict, the only surviving fortress of three that were built in Podgorze in the middle of the 19th century, in fact, it is one of the few cities of the 'Maximillion Tower' type to survive anywhere. A massive brick monolith in the form of a 16-sided polygon, today, the fort is abandoned by the city, which is unable to decide what to do with it. Although you can certainly scramble through the fence to explore, we are sure you will find (as we did) that this fort is impenetrable.
It is on this prairie Lasota Hill as one of the most powerful scenes of Schindler's List was filmed, in which Schindler (played by Liam Neeson) and his wife were riding when they stop on Lasota Hill and witness the horror taking place during a Nazi round-up in the Jewish Ghetto below. This scene serves as a turning point in the film Schindler's, of the character it focuses on the "girl in the red coat" - the opposite of black and white film's most powerful visual device.
If in the summer, the trees are a little too lush in the winter Lasota Hill, in fact, offers views of Podgorze, Kazimierz and the Old Town from its crest line. Look away from the centre and you will see Krakus Mound on the horizon far away, actually closer than it seems, you're only about 20min walk and the effort is well worth it. Otherwise, follow the trail east, between the church and the fortress and you will find the Old Podgorze Cemetery in front of the playground of a public school including the property of a segment of the original Ghetto Wall still standing.


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