Monument to the "Atomic" Soldiers

Brest, Belarus

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Monument to the "Atomic" Soldiers
Monument to the "Atomic" Soldiers
Monument to the "Atomic" Soldiers
Monument to the "Atomic" Soldiers
Heroes of defenders of Brest Fortress street
Brest Region
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Granite memorial sign "To the honor and glory of the participants in creation of nuclear shield of the Soviet Union" (Monument to the "Atomic" Soldiers) was set in Brest, opposite the Garrison cemetery to the 50 anniversary of the exercises on Totsky testing site. 

There is a nuclear explosion picture and the name of the memorial sign on the front side of the monument. On the reverse side - intercontinental ballistic missile, "1961-1990" and the text: "The Polygon nuclear testing grounds: Semipalatinsk, Novaya Zemlya, Kapustin Yar, Totsky, Aralsk".

Two shields are behind the monument. We can read the following on one of them: "On September 14, 1954 at Totsky test site near Orenburg conducted the only in the history of the Armed Forces of the USSR military exercise involving nuclear weapons. The basis of the troops were soldiers of the Brest garrison. In 1961-1990 in the woods of Brest region the 31st division of the strategic rocket troops was on duty".

The Brest garrison participated in Totsky military exercises in full. There are few alive among of those thousands that were there. Less than two thousand people are living in Russia, 600-700 – in Belarus and about the same in Ukraine. All these people survived the terrible diseases. Nevertheless, the most terrible in this story – not the diseases associated with radiation, but the fact that all participants signed the document of nondisclosure of the state secrets. Someone was to remain silent for 25 years, and someone for the whole life. 


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