Monument to the Cat Panteleimon

Kyiv, Ukraine

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Monument to the Cat Panteleimon
Monument to the Cat Panteleimon
Monument to the Cat Panteleimon
Mykoly Lysenka str., 1
Kyiv Region
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This monument is dedicated to the Persian cat, and it was installed in 1998 in the Park near the Golden Gate.

Cat's story and creation of the monument is dramatic. In the mid-1990s the owner of the restaurant "Pantagruel" had the idea to get a cat at restaurant, which was to become a feature of the establishment, its amulet. Thus a large gray Persian cat Panteleimon appeared in the restaurant, which was very popular among the visitors and residents of the surrounding area.

Poor cat died in the fire, which occurred in the restaurant. Why didn't he left the building — is unclear. Maybe he was the protector of the place where he lived. After that, regular visitors have started to donate money to the monument to the cat.

Thanks to the originality of the monument, it is often compared with the world famous Edinburgh monument to the dog Bobby who after his master's death lived on his grave for the rest of days.


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