Nowa Huta Reservoir

Krakow, Poland

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Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Probably the most beautiful place to stroll in Nowa Huta, if you encounter a socialist realism overdose, this reservoir and the surrounding park served as a recreation field for the district's hardworking residents since 1957. Unfortunately, the area fell into disrepair in the 90s and never fully recovered, made the pool off-limits to all those who wish to avoid the bad E. Coli/fecal bacteria of the infection. Clearly this is not all the world, as the intrepid swimmers can sometimes be seen, ignoring the "no swimming" signs during the warm season. There are a lot of stools-free activities to engage in, however: from kayaking and paddle-boating (rentals available during the summer) for sunbathing and a picnic on the artificial beach by bike on the many trails. Fishing is encouraged (the tank is regularly re-stocked to appease the local fishermen), and there are also two playgrounds and a sports complex (offers two swimming pools, a basketball court and a tennis court), in addition to the stalls selling coffee and ice cream. Plans are underway to further develop the sector with an open-air stage and the same dock, but after hooligans maliciously burned down a brand new graduation tower in April 2018, we assume that the brakes are being pumped.

For a bit of an excursion to visit the Jan Matejko Manor house and the next door is the 17th century wooden Church of Saint John the Baptist hidden just behind the park. Have fun and don't lose your frisbee in the water.


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