Piotr Skarga Monument

Krakow, Poland

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Plac Sw. Marii Magdaleny
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Widely regarded as Krakow, worse, of sculpture, of this wretched memorial of a Jesuit priest Piotr Skarga has been the subject of controversy since its inauguration on the sainte Marie-Madeleine Place in 2001. For one thing, there are the circumstances relating to its implementation: the likeness of this stern 16th/17th century, the theologian, the counter-reformer, and promoter of asceticism was placed here, thanks to the "Archbrotherhood of Mercy," without the permission of the authorities. The Archbrotherhood, which happens to be Poland is the oldest of the charity, was founded by Skarga way back in 1584, and the place chosen for his memory was not an accident: the priest remains lie in a crypt to the right in the street, in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. While this is in principle appropriate, the manner in which the Archbrotherhood went, it was anything but: the place to announce a call for applications, a single sculptor Czeslaw Dzwigaj, was chosen, none of the experts have been consulted, and has obtained the permission of people who were not allowed to give it to him. Another problem is the aesthetics, and the sculpture, has attracted the ire of many architects and art historians, who called his style "pompous realism" and noted that the poor old Skarga looks like he is about to commit suicide by jumping from the top of the pedestal. The Polish Architects, the Society even went as far as to sue the city for disregarding the development plan of the place, which had been agreed in 1995 and certainly did not allow the angry-looking sculptures of religious figures. All this makes this monument a shoo-in for the 2001 Archi-Szopa architecture award for the atrocity of the year. Fortunately for the architecture-loving locals, in 2008, the mayor of Krakow and ridiculed sculptor agreed to move Skarga to a court across the street, where it will be much less visible, however, the movement probably will not take place until the next renovation of the site.


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