Sendzimir Steelworks

Krakow, Poland

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31-752 ul. Ujastek 1
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
While the monumental Plac Centralny is the face Nowa Huta turns to the public, its true social realist glory song is the Administrative Centre of the Steelworks - the palace of the monstrosities flanking the gate to the complex. Built between 1952 and '55 to the design of the two Janusz's - Ballenstadt and Ingarten - these two architectural monuments crowned with a Renaissance comb attic represent the most exquisite example of social realism in Poland. If you could get yourself inside them, you would see incredibly well-preserved examples of decoration of the 50's including the black marble staircases, magnificent candelabras and decorative, and radiator shields. Getting inside the Steelworks is indeed a problem. In spite of the abundance of the interest, of the Plant are more open to tourists (except during occasional concerts held in the former tinning mill). Even when it was possible to organize a visit she demanded hiring a car to explore the immense complex which covers over 1000 hectares with an internal road and rail network dozens of kilometres long. Some of the Steelworks' larger halls could fit Krakow's main market square (the largest in Europe, mind you) several times, and the lava-brimming melting ladles are several floors. After the fall of communism, the patron saint of the Plant has been revised from Vladimir Lenin, the Polish-American inventor Tadeusz Sendzimir. In 2005, the complex was bought by the Indian tycoon Lakshmi Mithal and is now officially called 'ArcelorMittal Poland,' but you can call him "Your Majesty" if you want, you don't enter.


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