State Rooms

Krakow, Poland

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31-001 Wawel 5
Lesser Poland Voivodeship
The main exhibition at the Wawel Castle is within the spectacular State Rooms include several rooms on the ground floor- which have preserved their magnificent Renaissance-era wooden ceilings and the apartments on the second floor (third floor according to our American friends). These are the rooms where members of the royal family once entertained, held court, conducted sessions of the Senate, and welcomed the guests. Full of delicious oil paintings, intricate 16th-century Flemish tapestries, and some really amazing, wallpapers, highlights include the Senator of the Room - the largest room in the castle, which has hosted the first royal wedding back in 1518, and the strange-Sent Room with 30 wooden heads on the coffered ceiling (originally there were 194!) and a throne that really brings the majesty of Poland's past to life. Absolutely worth the trip, give yourself at least 40 minutes to enjoy all extravaganzas.


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