Statue of Lieutenant Rzhevsky

Minsk, Belarus

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Statue of Lieutenant Rzhevsky
Revolution str., 8
Minsk Region
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Lieutenant Dmitry Rzhevsky — were popular in the USSR, then in Russia and other countries literary, cinematic, theatrical and humorous (folklore) a fictional character. Original — main character of the play "Very Long Ago" (1940) by Alexander Gladkov. Wide popularity in the USSR was due to the comedy of Eldar Ryazanov "Hussar Ballad" (1962).

Also Rzhevsky is the hero of cycle of jokes, usually frivolous — sexual, alcoholic and "pun"; a collective image of a hussar, with vulgar manners in an aristocratic environment.

Memory of Rzhevsky perpetuated by Belarusian sculptor Vladimir Zhbanov. He depicts Lieutenant in a hussar uniform, sitting on a bench and combing his mustache, clearly in case if he meet some pretty lady.

Passers have opportunity to sit and take picture of the bronze hussar.


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