Trinity Suburb / Trinity Hill

Trinity Suburb / Trinity Hill

Minsk, Belarus

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Trinity Suburb / Trinity Hill
Trinity Suburb / Trinity Hill
Trinity Suburb / Trinity Hill
Trinity Suburb / Trinity Hill
Minsk Region
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2 hours

Trinity Suburb is an old picturesque part of Minsk located on the bank of the Svisloch River in the city center. Its cozy little streets and houses, with tile roofs and delicate colors, have become a symbol of Minsk. Their image can be often seen on souvenirs and candy.


The settlement Trinity Hill appeared near the Svisloch River in 12th-13th centuries. In ancient times these suburb was a commercial center. It was a place where roads from Vilno, Polotsk, Smolensk and Mogilev intersected. In late 16th century it became the largest marketplace in the town called Trinity Market.

In XV-XVII centuries Trinity Mount, Lower Market and Rakovskoe suburb were surrounded by fortifications. Suburb was built with the wooden houses in which lived artisans, merchants, farmers and militaries. Ancient layout suburbs disappeared in 1809 during the great fire and was rebuilt in stone.

In 1930s-1960s some buildings and entire streets of the suburb were ruined. Buildings in Trinity Suburb and Upper Town were renovated in the 1980s to give them a touch of the 19th-century Minsk.


Many buildings located in Trinity Suburb house museums, antique and souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, art galleries.

Many houses in this part of Minsk are considered to be architectural landmarks though people still dwell in many of them. Trinity Suburb features fascinating sculptures of famous persons such as artist Yazep Drozdovich (Life-Long Wanderer), and Maksim Bogdanovich.


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