Victory Square

Minsk, Belarus

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Victory Square
Victory Square
Victory Square
Victory Square
Victory Square
Minsk Region
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Victory Square is located on Independence Avenue.

In 1954, in the center of the square was installed a majestic monument to the soldiers of the Red Army and the partisans who died in World War II - Victory Monument - lined with gray granite obelisk and height of about 40 meters. The four sides of the pedestal of the obelisk are decorated with bronze high relief, created by Belarusian sculptors. The obelisk is crowned by an image of the Order of Victory.

July 3rd, 1961 at the base of the obelisk lit the eternal flame.

Victory Square today

Currently, Victory Square in Minsk is a place where people come to honor the memory of millions who died during the World War II.

Under the ground the monument is surrounded by a gallery, turning into a memorial hall dedicated to the memory of heroes killed. In the center of a wreath of art glass illuminated from the inside - a symbol of the eternal flame of memory.

The area is surrounded by buildings erected in the 50s of XX century.

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