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National Museum of History of Ukraine in II World War
In June 1943, battles for liberation of Ukraine, the country's leadership made a decision to establish the National Museum of Great Patriotic War of the Ukrainian people. Pretty bold decision, because before the Victory remained for about 2 years. But higher priority tasks of reconstruction and development of the...
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National Museum of Taras Shevchenko
The history of the museum's collection began almost immediately after the death of Taras Shevchenko. He died in St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, in a small workshop, which served as the artist's home and work place. All the things that were in that workshop became the basis for future...
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Museum Of Water
The Water Museum is situated in a picturesque location on one of the hills in the Central part of Kyiv. Museum facilities (water towers and tanks) were built in 1872-1876, and now restored. Here you will be able to see how glaciers melt, birth rains and...
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State Aviation Museum of Ukraine
State Aviation Museum of Ukraine in Zhuliany is the largest historical and technical museum of the country. Having started with only 30 vehicles, today museum owns the exposition of nearly 70 aircrafts and helicopters. Another branch – samples of air weapons and drones, as well as...
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Museum of Alexander Pushkin
Museum of Alexander Pushkin will tell you about the life of the poet, show the unique manuscripts and will introduce visitors with political and cultural life of that times. The opening of the Museum of Pushkin occured in may 1990 and was dedicated to the celebration of the 200th...
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The Museum of Railway equipment
In the heart of Kyiv there is a Museum of Railway equipment at the Central Railway Station. Most of the exhibits are over 100 years old. Few people have heard of it, a little where written about it, and visitors to this interesting place all can be counted on...
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Museum of Popular Science and Technologies - Physics Hall
This Museum of Popular Science and Technologies, which is also called Experimentanium, probably the most unusual cultural and entertainment attraction in Kyiv, which simply hides under the strict name "Museum". The museum represents a scientific attraction that provides an interesting opportunity to directly participate in science...
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The Museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine "Pirogovo"
The Museum of folk architecture and life of Ukraine also known as the open air Museum in Pirogovo, which has a huge area the size of 135 hectares and is situated in the southern outskirts of Kiev. In Pirogovo you can see 275 items of Ukrainian...
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Chornobyl National Museum
The tragedy about which the government remained silent. Disaster about which inhabitants of the country that suffered the most from radiation did not know. 26 April 1986 was the starting point for the beginning of a long and overdue reflection on that, if "peaceful atom" is really peaceful... ...
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The One-street Museum / Museum of Andrew's descent
Andriyivsky descent is well known for everyone and what about the Museum of Andrew's descent, or as it is officially called, the Museum of One Street? Even not all Kyiv sitizens know about this place. The secret of this phenomena is very simple — few people may think that...
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