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Lviv — a city in Western Ukraine, founded in the 13th century by Prince Daniil of Galicia. Few centuries ago city was the capital of the Galician Principality, and in chronicles it was first mentioned in 1256.

Despite its long history, the city managed to preserve many buildings that was constructed almost immediately after its foundation. Still you can find old houses and churches, narrow and cozy streets. Some wealthy residents in 16-17 centuries invited talented architects from all over Europe who made the appearance of Lviv, is truly inimitable.

Entertainments, excursions and sights of Lviv

More than half of architectural monuments of Ukraine are located in Lviv. In fact, the entire historical center of the city is one big landmark. You will get a lot of pleasure just walking around it.

Special attention should be paid to Opera Theatre, located on Central Avenue. This building is known for its beauty not only in Ukraine but also in Europe, and his image can be seen on Ukrainian money.

In addition, you should definitely visit the Market Square, founded in the 14th century, the main attraction of the square is undoubtedly the Town Hall, also built in the 14th century.

Some of the most beautiful buildings of the city are three churches — Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. George, the Latin Cathedral and the Dominican Church. Very popular among tourists visiting Lviv, is in the "High Castle" park which overlooks a beautiful panorama of the city. Long time ago there  really was a castle, but to our time only part of defense wall has preserved. If you have enough time, spend some time to visit the ancient castles of "Lviv Horseshoe", located near the city.

Map of Lviv

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